His Birthday Today! 16th November 2016

I never wrote a post on my husband's birthday and today when i have like 1 hour before the clock strikes to a new date baru teringat nak buat post! Arghhhh sempat ke idokk ni?!! Hahahaha

Ok quick one...

We celebrated his birthday kat rumah je. My SIL bought some foods from Hadramawt and i bought an ice cream cake je sbb xsempat nak tempah2(laa duk rmh pun xsempat nak tempah ke??! Hahaha)

We wish you a very Happy Birthday love! No big2 or fancy2 present for you but only my unconditional love, care and heart i would give for the rest of my life. Semoga you dirahmati Allah, sentiasa diberi Hidayah dan kesihatan yg baik utk dipinjamkan bersama mummy and Ilyas buat jangka masa yg panjang, InsyaAllah.

And hope ada rezeki kite sekeluarga untuk pegi holidayyy lagi!!! (wink wink) hehe

Ayah dan anak
Ehhh siapa birthday boy niii??? hahaha
Choppp! Jgn potong cake tu dulu. Tgu mummy snap picture okayy...hihi
One for the memory :)

Yang last picture above ni nmpk i chubby sket plak...sebenarnyer itu trick tudung dan cardigan yg i pakai je okayyy. Realitinyer idokler se'chubby' itu! hahahaha (tu pun nak ckp ke?? ade aku kisah?!hahahah)

Thank you for reading my entry!!


Unni Anje said...

happy birthday.. sedap kek.. semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudhkn urursan duni akhirat

PrincessD said...

Aminnn. Tq Unni Anje! :) :)

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